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Outdoor First Aid (2 day) – Ullswater, Lake District

July 2014

“Great course with an infectiously enthusiastic trainer. The best first aid course I’ve done.”

Ben Chambers, Outward Bound Trust Ullswater Centre

Outdoor First Aid (2 day) – Ullswater, Lake District

June 2014

“A superb course, delivered in easy to remember bite size chunks. Ross didn’t shy away from some of the ‘what if’ questions that some other trainers might have done and always gave sound, common sense advice. You got a real sense of the depth and breadth of his experience. Thanks very much, will definitely be back to renew my course with Ross”

John Allen

Outdoor First Aid (2-day) – Ullswater, Lake District

February 2014

“Excellent course; packed in, but very well broken up; would definitely recommend. Nice cakes too.”

Nick Landells, Lakeland Photographs (http://www.lakelandphotographs.co.uk)

Outdoor First Aid (2-day) – Ullswater, Lake District

February 2014

“By his energy & enthusiasm Ross made the what can be dry subjects interesting and informative. He appreciated every question or intervention from students, encouraging participation and keeping people engaged. The two days went fast, which is always a good sign.”

Kevin O’Neale

Outdoor First Aid (2-day) – Ullswater, Lake District

February 2014

“I’ve been working in the outdoor industry for 12 years and this is by far the best first aid course i have ever been on. Excellent instruction and outstanding value for money, when it comes to renewing in three years i will definitely be booking with Lakes First Aid again”

Simon Parle

First Aid at Work (3-day)

February 2014

“This course was very enjoyable as well as being informative. Ross’ teaching style was excellent and he was able to deliver basic information and answer questions without being condescending or patronising. There was a good ratio of practical to theory, making sure that we did not feel ‘talked at’ too much.”

Laura Hutchison, Parts Advisor

Paediatric First Aid (2 day)

January 2014

“The course was really well delivered in a very relaxed manner. The trainer made you feel at ease and welcomed questions and comments and you were not made to feel silly. There was a good balance between practical and theory and the information was presented in a way that you could easily remember.

Sylvia Bowen, Community learning and development worker, Barnardos

Outdoor First Aid (2 day)

January 2014

“Lakes First Aid were fantastic. Ross is one of the best instructors I have come across, making the course fun, practical and full of handy hints and tips for worst case first aid scenarios outdoors. A must do course for any outdoor education professional.

Ed Ghilks

Outdoor First Aid at Work – Ullswater, Lake District

September 2013

“I thought the course that Ross ran was excellent. It was very interesting and easily covered everything you would need to know for a two day outdoor first aid course.

Ross is an extremely enthusiastic teacher and takes great joy in passing on his knowledge. The theory sessions are interspersed with outdoor scenarios that allow you to practice the skills you have learnt so far. Personally I gained a lot from the course, I know have a solid base of bomb proof first aid techniques and a few added tips and tricks to make things easier. Ross also talks a lot about improvisation; this is a very useful skill to have and often makes thing a lot simpler.

I would definitely recommend this course to everyone, whether like me itís the first course youíve been on, or if you just want to recap and refine your skills.”

Ben Mitchell, 18, trainee Mountain Leader.